At Levo we respect human rights in hiring and employment, and aim to uphold fair recruitment and training procedures. Apart from only following labour laws of our country, we base our employee evaluations on individual work execution, capabilities and the responsibilities and results of work.

As we wish to recognize both, increased business undertakings and routines that offer personal fulfillment, we will proactively encourage work-life balance that considers a varied range of morals, ethics and lifestyles.

Levo encourages thorough communication between labor and management in order to create working environments where both can work together towards achieving corporate goals. All our employees enjoy a friendly atmosphere at their workplace, simultaneously maintaining a sense of authority and accountability to their juniors and seniors when it comes to work.


We at Levo want to leave the world better than we found it, and so we try to do our small part in sustaining earth and keeping it healthy. We think different in the way that that we do not only want to make the best stands for you, but the best stands for planet Earth. The stands we build for you are 'green' right from the beginning - the raw materials. We have come up with innovative ways to minimize the environmental impact of our raw materials by using more recycled and recyclable materials.

Forests give us so much, we need to return to it. Forests clean the air we breathe, protect wildlife and filter drinking water. The wood we use is sourced from suppliers who encourage good conduct, sustainable management of forests, and recycling of the wood. This way we greatly reduce deforestation and illegal logging of wood. 

Materials like steel, iron and aluminum need to be mined from the earth and processed, thus increasing emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants. We recycle these materials and try to reduce a significant amount of these impacts.

We also realize that the plastics we use, if dumped into a landfill will eventually emit toxins, and therefore destroy habitats and the ozone layer. We strive to use plastics that are bio-degradable which are naturally broken down by the environment into simple organic matter. 

After an exhibition stand is used and broken down, we attempt to collect all the materials gone into building the stand, and reuse it in building future projects. In this way we don't only reduce the cost to planet earth, but also to you, our clients. 

Levo strives for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety management systems, and in this way we do the little we can to give back to the planet that ha given us life, earth.

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