• Conceptualization
  • Custom Stand Design
  • Country Pavilion Stand Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Stand Fabrication
  • Material & Lighting Solutions
  • Shelf Scheme Design & Fabrication


  • Promotional Giveaways
  • Promoters and Hostesses
  • Company merchandise
  • Brand solutions
  • Planning and strategy
  • Event invitations
  • Brochure Design


#LEVO EXHIBITIONS is extremely proud of its highly skilled management team.  

Levo strives to personify your brand and bring it to life, and if that is what you want, we are the team you'll want to work with. We make your customers feel what you want them to feel, what your company really is about!

Are you passionate about your company and its’ clients?

Once you connect with us, Levo focuses on reflecting your passion and commitment towards your customers through our stand designs. Your clients will feel a rush of passion and energy once our team builds your exhibition stand with utmost fervor and zeal.

Do you believe in a structured approach and stick to deadlines strictly?

Your stand will be built with exacting standards and attention to detail, which will show your clients how attentive and serious you are about your work!

Do you say you want to make this world a better place?

Then that's what your stand will radiate! We will use industry leading techniques to make your stand as sustainable as possible. Your client will be overrun by a feeling of care and concern for not only themselves, but also the environment.

LEVO'S Philosophy

When a man looks up into the sky for the first time, he is overwhelmed with the incomprehensible vastness of it. Curiosity sets in, and the gazer continues this experience to find himself opening up to a world of possibilities. Our vision and philosophy takes its roots from this beautiful experience of star gazing.

When our clients connect with us, they're opened up to a world of possibilities ranging from small stars to mammoth galaxies, and they come to realize that we strive to keep our promise of ultimate client satisfaction.

This dedication to work, and loyalty of our clients is leading us on to our ultimate goal of becoming the industry leader and world preferred vendor for brand enhancement services, and thus giving you, our clients, access to a universe sparkling with opportunities.

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